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6lbs of Tater Salad FTW

June 20, 2020
Potato Salad
Pg. 159
Addison, Season 4 (winner!)
12 down…87 to go!

Let it be said, my mom makes the best potato salad in the whole world, with my Grammy as a close second. Technically my mom’s is supposed to be the same as my Grammy’s, but since Grammy never wrote the recipe down, my mom had to result to “eyeballing” and “guesstimating” portions. It’s more so of a copy-cat, but somehow I think my mama makes it best. Ironically, she thinks her mama (Grammy) makes it best. I guess we’re all partial to our mamas.

However, this potato salad was really good, despite my bias. How good, you ask? Well, I decided to make 3x the portion of the MCJ recipe which serves 4—six pounds to be exact, to bring to my sweetheart’s parent’s house for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the day of, I found out three of my coworkers were out with Covid-19 symptoms, so Chad and I decided to stay home and quarantine instead of celebrating with the rest of the family. This resulted in us having at least one scoop of potato salad with lunch and dinner (and occasionally as a snack) for the last three days, and I’m pretty sure we still have about half left. We’re trying really hard to not waste any food (especially these days), but if we keep this up, we’re gonna look like potatoes ourselves by the end of the week. Thank goodness it was so yummy!

What did I do differently?

  • I liked that the recipe called for dijon mustard, which definitely elevated this simple dish. However, I could tell that my less-sophisticated palate was craving some yellow mustard in there too, so I gave in. Honestly, no regrets.
  • I also added a little dill, which lightened up the dish. I would highly recommend it!
  • Garnished with some fresh parsley for looks and taste. Yum.

What would I do differently?

  • Onions. Garlic. Those two things, in any form, make any dish better, in my opinion. I would add finely diced red onion and garlic powder next time.
  • Eggs. I’m just a sucker for eggs in potato salad, I guess.

All my love,
Dani, a big Tid

P.S. Who makes the best potato salad, in your opinion? Is it you? A family member? A restaurant? A deli? I feel like potato salad is a staple comfort food that equates to warm, happy feelings. Tell me how it has played a role in your life.

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  1. Yes! Three days of delicious potato salad and hot sauce. Sign me back up!

  2. Yum, makes my mouth water reading about it!

  3. I don’t reckon I’ve ever met a potato salad I didn’t like. I love my mom’s recipe the most, though—-potatoes (of course), mayo, onions, relish, and paprika.

    • Don’t we all love our mama’s recipes the most? Haha! My mom puts eggs and onions in hers which is what I was missing from this one, but ultimately, it was still so, so good! P.S. one of my grammy’s most common phrases is, “I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like.” Haha! So no wonder you two get along so well <3

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