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July 15, 2020
Salmon En Croute
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Jimmy and Andrew, Season 3
21 down…78 to go!

I explained in my first ever blog, “Thanks for the Inspo, Julie,” that I was inspired to go on this cooking + blogging journey after (finally) watching ‘Julie and Julia’ during the first month or so of quarantining due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. And as much as I’d previously say I was a foodie, I’m embarrassed to admit that prior to watching the movie, I knew next to nothing about Julia Child.

I’m now realizing that as a DEDICATED foodie, you find yourself not just enjoying dishes, but also following and learning from the best chefs, past and present. I have, no joke, watched ‘Julie and Julia’ four times during quarantine, and I want to know more about the beloved Julia Child. What I do know is she was a determined American woman who set her mind to mastering the art of French cooking, and she did.

I’m not sure how much we would have had in common, but I have set my mind on mastering these MasterChef Junior recipes and refining my cooking skills in the process, and I’m doing it.

One thing I love about the MasterChef Junior Cookbook is it has recipes from all different cultures and cuisines. This particular recipe is called Salmon En Croute, which is basically French for ‘salmon wrapped in puff pastry.’ You can also refer to it as a Salmon Wellington, which is what I called a very similar dish I mastered from a Buzzfeed Tasty recipe (link in comments). For years I’ve considered it my signature dish that I would prepare for special occasions and/or when I wanted to impress people. But honestly, en croute sounds so much fancier to me, only because it’s in French, so that’s probably what I will call it from now on. *Says with pinky up.

I decided to title this blog post, “Cheers, Julia” because it’s one of the French dishes in the MCJ cookbook, and I thought of her while I made it. I even felt like I could hear her saying “en croute” in a French-ish accent as she announced the dish while proudly serving it to her loved ones, clinking glasses of French wine with one another. While there was no French wine present when I made this dish, unfortunately, I know the best part of it for me definitely was watching my loved ones enjoy it.

What I did differently:

  • The original recipe called to serve minted peas as the side. I’m sorry, but peas are the absolute worst. I have grown to love many vegetables as an adult that I detested as a child, but peas are not one of them. Instead, I paired it with some roasted asparagus seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, and lemon juice. It was divine.
  • I made the hollandaise that went with this recipe, but I’m 99% certain it was actually a béarnaise sauce. Frankly, when I tasted it, I wasn’t a fan. Plus, it was done WAY too soon. I was doing what the recipe said but things can take longer than expected sometimes. While waiting on the other components of the meal, the sauce broke and basically turned into scrambled eggs. Ugh. But instead of remaking it, I made a traditional hollandaise that I make whenever I make Eggs Benedict. (Also courtesy of Buzzfeed Tasty, link in comments.) It ended up being delicious, and a perfect pairing!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. What is your favorite French dish? Honestly, mine is escargot! I know many turn their noses at the idea of eating snails, but when done right, they truly are a delicacy.

Wanna give this recipe a shot? Click below for the recipe.

Salmon En Croute

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  1. My favorite French good is a croissant! I love a good croissant sandwich. This dish was wayyy up there tho! I’m not a huge salmon fan but I’d eat this anytime

  2. Looks wonderful Dani!! You made this for papa and I when we visited you in Grand Rapids. It was delicious and had meant to duplicate it myself. Didn’t happen and kinda forgot about it. Usually do this on the BBQ. Will add it to my list of ‘must tries’.

    • Oh yes, I made a very similar recipe. The one I made you had a spinach and cream cheese filling. This one had an herb butter and mustard filling. Both are amazing, though. I could eat them all the time.

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