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Happy Birthday to Me

July 13, 2020
Three Layer Chocolate Cake with Whipped Chocolate Frosting
Pg. 183
Gavin, Season 1
15 down…84 to go!

Y’all. Are you looking at this cake? Do you know what an accomplishment this was for me?! Well lemme tell you (if you’ve been following along so far you already know), I am no baker. This is genuinely the first cake I’ve ever made that didn’t come out of a box. I’ve ended up perfecting the Betty Crocker box cake mixes though to the point where people assume they’re homemade. Which I always thought, they kind of are. I bought the cake mix, brought it HOME, made it in MY own oven. TECHNICALLY, that’s “homemade.”

Anyway, now I know I have it in me to make a homemade cake (but one that’s actually from scratch). And not just any cake—a THREE layered cake! I also shocked myself at my decorating abilities. The picture of Gavin’s cake in the MasterChef cookbook had some fresh raspberries and chocolate shavings centered on the top, but I took some creative liberties. I think they paid off.

My dear friend and talented photographer, Hope Wilton (link to her site below) came over and took pictures of me and the cake as a birthday present, and then stuck around to enjoy the cake with us. Twenty-seven is off to a wonderful and delicious start. <3

She caught me in a moment of genuine laughter <3
Pretending to blow on the candles because I really couldn’t because stupid Covid.
Behind the scenes of me photographing my MCJ food on my favorite white picnic table

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. What’s your favorite birthday treat? All my usual attempted diet/calorie restrictions get thrown out the window during the weeks around my bday. Give me all the cake and brownies and cookies. If it’s your birthday, calories shouldn’t count, in my opinion. Does that actually work? Idk. Ask my scale. ;P

Photo credit: The AMAZING Hope Katherine Photography! https://hkphotography14.mypixieset.com/

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  1. I love butter pecan cake with homemade cream cheese dressing that you are sooo good at making. Comes in a box but you give it all the love

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