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It’s the Fennel Countdown

January 12, 2020
Roasted Baby Fennel Au Gratin
Pg. 163
Nathan, Season 3 (winner!)
62 down…37 to go!

This is the LAST recipe in the side dish category of the MasterChef Junior Cookbook, making it the FIRST section I’ve completed!

There were 17 sides in all, and I’m genuinely disappointed that I saved this one for last because it was so good. I guess I inadvertently saved the best for last, but I could have used this in my life a lot sooner.

It did take quite a bit longer to prepare than the recipe said it would, but probably still took less time than traditional potatoes au gratin. I would have never thought of substituting the potatoes for fennel, but the dish still tastes incredible and cuts down on some carbs!

It’s made with gruyere cheese (which is my fav because it’s what my family uses for our holiday tradition of cheese fondue) and is topped with shaved ham. I want to go rewatch the episode when Nathan made this dish for the finale, which he ultimately won, and see if he explains the source of his inspiration. It’s a very unique dish, in my opinion, and I can’t believe a kid came up with it!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. The next section I’ll be finishing soon is pasta! Be sure to subscribe if you love carbs and wanna see the final pasta dishes from the MCJ cookbook!

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  1. Omg I forgot about this one! Carb free? Congrats too!! You’re flying through that book!

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