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Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache + Toasted Marshmallows

October 17, 2020
Marshmallow Cupcakes
Pg. 194
Addison, Season 4
46 down…53 to go!

Some marshmallows are well done on purpose…jk, I’m just a pyro lol

Okay, I’m just gonna say it–I impressed myself with these bad boys! For someone who doesn’t bake much…all of the dessert recipes intimidate me. But after nailing these things, I’m feeling a little more confident in my baking skills. Also, prepare yourself for lots of photos, because I also cannot believe how good the pics turned out!

I’m ready for my close up

This was my fourth MasterChef Junior recipe in one day. Which is a task in and of itself, but add food photography to it and dang, ya girl was pooped afterwards. I doesn’t help that my shooting setup is on a 1 foot high rolling cart so on this day I did about 60+ squats. Plus my activity tracker on my watch said I was just shy of walking 4 miles that day. The next time someone makes you food, try to think about how much energy the really put into it. And the next time you read a food blog, think about how much that home cooks does for just a few shots of food. End rant.

The sun was about to go down, so I almost didn’t get these shots. I had to wait for the cupcakes to cool before punching out a small whole to insert the marshmallow cream. Let’s talk about that for a second. But first, here’s another pic. (Possibly my fav!)

I chose a marble tile as my flat lay, and my newest white (but it’s kinda gray) DIY board as the backdrop

Unpopular opinion: I don’t like marshmallows that much. My relationship with marshmallows begins and ends with Lucky Charms. But do those even count? I don’t eat s’mores. (I know, I know. I’m a sinner.) But this marshmallow cream was a come to Jesus moment! Oh. My. Lawd.

I won’t judge you if you licked your screen

To make the marshmallow cream, you create a double boiler (aka a heat safe bowl over boiling water), melt some butter and the mini marshmallows until they’re completely mixed and melted. Then you add some “chocolate crispy cereal” and of course I went coco pebbles (which is my fav cereal btw). Then that goes in the cupcake. Once you get to the center you are met with the most delicious marshmallow bite with a crispy texture! GENIUS! Pure. Genius.

Then you make the chocolate ganache in a double boiler as well. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I have never made it before, but came out with the perfect consistency. I love how it glistens in the photos (yes, I am becoming obsessed with food photography). Plus it tasted even better than it looks, which is always what I’m aiming for.

I toasted the mellows, snuck in some shots before the sun went down, scarfed one delicious cupcake down faster than I’d like to admit, and then took the rest over to some new neighbors who had been moving in all day. It was the perfect end to a tiring, but rewarding day.

I didn’t do anything differently 🙂 Hope y’all enjoyed all the photos!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. What’s your favorite cereal?

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