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Oh My, Shepherd’s Pie

February 22, 2021
Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie
Adaiah, Season 2
Pg. 121
70 down…29 to go!

I’ve been having the hardest time remembering if I have ever had shepherd’s pie before. It’s not especially unfamiliar – I know what’s in it and that it’s a pretty common comfort food dish, especially in the UK. But, if I have had it, it must not have been very memorable. So, I’ve decided to officially give this particular shepherd’s pie the honor of being “my first ever shepherd’s pie.”

I’ve been putting this recipe off for awhile because there are five components: the puff pastry, the lamb filling, a pear and pea purée, a pepper sauce, and mashed potatoes. The ingredient list is three full columns in the MasterChef Junior Cookbook, so I’ve been skipping it for awhile. However, this week I decided to tackle three labor-intensive savory dishes, and I’m pleased to say that even though this recipe has a lot of components, they are all fairly simple. It did take some time to pull it all together, but it wasn’t as stressful as some other MCJ recipes.

Personally, I really like deconstructed dishes. I like getting to reimagine a recipe and piece it together in an unusual way. I also love the potential it gives to enjoy a dish on an more individual basis. For example, with this dish being deconstructed, I could have added more mashed potatoes or more lamb to my liking, whereas if it were normally constructed, I would be more limited. I just think it’s a unique and innovative way to present and enjoy food.

I did not know how much I enjoyed lamb until I started this MasterChef Junior Cookbook Cook-Through. I have truly enjoyed all of the lamb recipes, including this one. The only thing I didn’t love about this particular recipe was the pear and pea purée, and that’s because I’m just a big tid who has never grown into liking peas. Every other component was absolutely amazing though. The lamb filling with sautéed carrots, bell peppers, and onions was incredible. The puff pastry disks added a delightful texture. And the pepper sauce was perfectly spicy and super delicious. This was the epitome of a balanced dish. I can’t wait to make it again when I get the opportunity to have friends over for dinner again.

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

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  1. Need to make this one weekend I’m carb in up. It looks delicious

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