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January 14, 2020
Fettuccine with Shellfish in White Wine Sauce
Pg. 146
Troy, Season 1
64 down…35 to go!

This is the second-to-last fresh pasta recipe from the MasterChef Junior cookbook, and I think it’s my favorite so far because of all the goodies inside! I’m a huge fan of all things seafood, so the fact that there are scallops and shrimp in here got me super excited!

The recipe also includes asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, and a white wine sauce. I’m a big veggie fan and also a big wine fan. And if you haven’t guessed by now, any time a recipe calls for wine, you better bet I’m drinking the rest of the bottle.

I think I’ve gotten pretty good at this whole homemade pasta thing, by the way. I was able to get the dough rolled super thin, which is a notable difference when comparing to pappardelle (the first pasta I made). I also managed to keep the dough from getting as sticky this time, which really helped.

I felt like an Italian woman making homemade pasta in the middle of the afternoon as the sun came through my windows. I’m gonna miss cooking through the pasta dishes. I only have one left. Stay tuned!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. What’s your favorite carb-o-loaded dish? I’m gonna need to make something when I’m done with the pasta section, right? Gimme some ideas in the comments!

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  1. Oh the sweet taste of homemade pasta…. looks amazing honey

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