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Pork Belly…Get in MY Belly!

August 18, 2020
Braised Pork Belly with Apple Cider Glaze
With Sweet Potato Puree
Pg. 100 + Pg. 160
Avery Season 4
29 + 30 down…69 to go!

This has just been a Pork-y week! First the bone-in pork chops, then the cola braised ribs, and now, braised pork belly. I did this on purpose for 3 reasons:

  • My sweetheart really likes pork, but I usually prefer chicken, beef, turkey, or seafood…basically anything but pork LOL. He made the argument that I just haven’t had it prepared “right.” So I decided to go on a pork expedition to see if I could start enjoying it more.
  • These recipes all had a lot of the same ingredients, and I do my best to pick recipes for each week that share similar ingredients to reduce waste (of food and money.)
  • My sweetheart got me a pressure cooker for my birthday, specifically because I knew I would need it to complete some of the MasterChef Junior recipes. I have been itching to bust it out and break it in, and 2/3 required it.
Crispy Skin for the win!

Each recipe has been ridiculously delicious, and this one was no different. Both the pork belly (pg. 100) and the sweet potato puree (pg. 160) were created by Avery from season 4. When she presented her pork belly dish to the judges, it included the sweet potato puree, and Christina Tosi said it was “one of–if not the most–delicious dishes” she had tasted in the MasterChef Junior kitchen. I tell you what, I know why she said that. It was a truly great dish.

What did I do differently?

  • Garnished with some fresh parley. “Garnish everything!” – Me

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. Have you ever had pork belly? If so, tell me what you thought in the comments.

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  1. Amazing! Loved this dish!

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