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Refreshing G&T with Cucumber Roses

A refreshing G&T with cucumber, edible flowers, and artisan gin.

Refreshing G&T in celebration of Earth Day garnished with stunning cucumber roses.

This refreshing G&T was inspired by two great holidays: Earth Day (April 22) and National Gin Day (April 9th), but can we all just decide that Earth Day should be everyday and Nat’l Gin Day should be at least once a week? Awesome.

Now that we’ve settled that…this may be an Earth Day inspired cocktail, but it can easily be enjoyed year round. It’s simple, refreshing, and the cucumber roses really take it to the next level. I know Covid put a dent in having guests over, but when it’s safe to have your friends over again you can wow them with this drink. Here’s a quick “How-To” video on the cucumber rose garnishes. P.S. If I can make these, then so can you.

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Refreshing G&T in celebration of Earth Day garnished with stunning cucumber roses.

Cucumber Gin and Tonic

Serving Size:
1 Cocktail
5-10 minutes



  1. Getting the drink ready: Muddle a few slices of cucumber + peel the petals from the edible flower of your choosing.
  2. Getting the garnish ready: Use a mandolin slicer with the thinnest blade to cut your cucumbers. Then line your cucumbers in a straight row, slightly overlapping each other. Roll them up very tightly and use toothpicks to secure them in place temporarily.
  3. Fill a short glass all the way to the top with ice (it’s very important for this drink to be full of ice because it will keep the cucumber roses in place while you present them to your guests).
  4. Add the gin, tonic, flower petals, and muddled cucumber to the glass and stir (top with more ice if necessary).
  5. Gently remove the toothpicks from the rose and secure it in the glass around the ice cubes.
  6. Enjoy and please drink responsibly.

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

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