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Santa’s Shots served in Candy Cane Shot Glasses

What does Mrs. Claus make for her hubby after a long night of delivering presents? Shots, duh. Of course, it’s got all his faves (chocolate and peppermint) and is served in edible (yes, EDIBLE) candy cane shot glasses! So after you throw one (or two…) back, you still have a fun treat to snack on. You can find these edible shot glasses at the Dollar Tree! And if you don’t drink, or are serving someone who doesn’t drink, you could easily swap out the liqueur for chocolate milk (and add some peppermint oil if you want that extra festive flavor!) Enjoy, and please drink responsibly!

This is the perfect shot to take while you watch Christmas Movies or wrap presents. If you end up making it, please let me know in the comments or tag me on social media! Nothing makes me happier!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid
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  1. These look so fun and festive!!! Love it :))

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