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Tea-rific Tarts

Feb 05, 2021
Earl Grey Tartlets with Blood Orang Coulis
Pg. 209
Nathan, Season 3 (Winner!)
From the Season 3 Finale
69 down…30 to go!

Before embarking on my MasterChef Junior journey, I had no idea how long pies (and tarts) took. They are such a labor of love. So the next time you see someone charging a pretty penny for a pie or tart, just know that it’s not only a reflection of skill, it’s a reflection of time.

I did not anticipate enjoying making + rolling out the dough as much as I did. It’s actually incredibly therapeutic. The rest of the process isn’t exactly my favorite because it’s a lot of waiting, and I’m not the most patient person. That’s one big part of why baking isn’t my favorite – it’s basically 50% waiting.

These tarts had so many unique flavors; I’m not at all surprised that this was Nathan’s winning dessert. He really thought outside the box by infusing earl grey tea into the pastry cream, topping it with blood orange coulis, and adding crushed pretzels on top which added great texture and saltiness. It was my first time ever cooking with tea or working with blood oranges. I definitely want to use more blood oranges in future original recipes.

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. What are your favorite ways to use blood oranges? I’d love some inspo for future recipes! I’m definitely thinking a cocktail to start.

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