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Venison Tenderloin

March 1, 2021
Venison Tenderloin with Braised Cabbage and Parsnip Purée
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I’ve never had venison. I was expecting it to be a gamey, but oh deer (pun intended) it was amazing. Maybe it was extra delicious because a friend of mine actually supplied the tenderloin after a successful hunting trip. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised. Shoutout to you, Carson!

I was worried I would overcook the venison, since it was a new protein for me, but it came out a beautiful medium rare. Here’s your daily reminder to let your proteins rest. Allowing them to rest for a few minutes after cooking is what keeps it juicy.

Perfect medium rare sliced venison with braised cabbage and parsnip purée.

If you read the description at the top you know underneath is a parsnip purée, even though it looks like mashed potatoes. I discovered parsnips last year, and I am honestly obsessed. They’re a great root veggie and are an awesome substitute for people who can’t eat potatoes (though they still have a fair share of carbs in them, so they aren’t keto-friendly).

The braised cabbage was okay. I felt like there was some room for improvement there. I would have preferred something with more texture. However, it was made with wine as an ingredient, which meant I had an excuse to drink some while I cooked. So all in all, no complaints.

A beautiful bite shot of the tender venison.

Overall, this was an incredible dish and I would definitely make it again!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. I only have one more recipe in the meat and poultry section of this book, so stay tuned!

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