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Peanut Butter Whiskey + Peppered Bacon Pancakes with Boozy Syrup

with a PB whiskey and chocolate liqueur syrup
an original recipe by me!

I personally created and photographed this original recipe back in September, but I knew I wanted to perfect the recipe and reshoot it since I’ve recently upped my food photography game. I realized that the secrets to taking this to the next level was: using quality bacon (I used thick cut, peppered bacon and I highly recommend it), adding whiskey + bacon into the pancake batter, and adding a little bit of chocolate liqueur to the syrup (originally, I only mixed in the peanut butter whiskey, but I have to say, that hint of chocolate just makes it!).

Are you ready to give this delish stack a try? Here’s the recipe card!

If you do give it a try, take a pic and tag me on IG 🙂

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

P.S. Should I turn these into waffles too? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These look and sound incredible!! Can’t wait to try!

  2. Bacon waffles?! That sounds just as amazing! Great job on making your own recipe. They’re amazing.

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