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Pineapple Mint Spitzer

The Rising Queen
An Original Recipe by me 🙂
A part of the Women EmpowerMint Series
+ the Nostalgic Cocktail Series

A tall, refreshing glass of vibrant tasting juices topped with sweet moscato. Use pineapple leaves to take your garnish game to the next level

This is the final contribution to my Woman EmpowerMint Beverage Series in honor of March being Woman Empowerment Month. I have loved creating these fun, minty drinks. To see the others, click here (Skinny CBD Mocktail Mojito | Thin Mint Cocktail)

This drink was actually inspired by a pineapple tattoo I have, believe it or not. Years ago I saw a quote which read, “Ladies, be a pineapple. Stand tall, be sweet, and wear a crown.” I absolutely loved that and it stuck with me for so long I ended up getting a pineapple tattoo on my left heel to remind me everyday.

A tall, refreshing glass of vibrant tasting juices topped with sweet moscato. Use pineapple leaves to take your garnish game to the next level

You can totally call this a Pineapple Mint Spritzer, but I decided to call it The Rising Queen because I think it’s the perfect brunch cocktail. The pineapple + orange give it bright, refreshing vibes and the mint is helpful in case you forgot to brush your teeth that morning ;P However, if you’re not into day drinking, or you just need a good mocktail option, you can easily substitute the moscato for sparkling water or even Sprite. Either way it’s enjoyed, during the day or during the night, as a cocktail or a mocktail, it sure is delicious and every queen should have one.

Knowing I wanted to use pineapple juice in my final empowermint cocktail, I knew I had to incorporate the leaves into a crown garnish. If you make this drink, it’s obviously optional, but I hope one day this drink shows up at a Galentine’s Day brunch, a bachelorette party or bridal shower, or maybe just two girlfriends sipping on them together on a Sunday as they do life together crowns and all. However, a mint sprig is another great/easier option for a garnish.

As you’ll see in the recipe card below, I use Sunny D in this cocktail. I do that for a few reasons. One being, I honestly prefer it over orange juice (probably all the sugar tbh haha). The other being, I am all about creating nostalgic recipes and Sunny D reminds me so much of childhood. However, feel free to substitute OJ for less sugar/calories.

Recipe Card that you can save directly to your device.

If you do end up making this cocktail, please take a pic and tag me on social media + leave a review below. My inbox is always open if you have any questions or have some constructive feedback. As always, please drink responsibly. Cheers, my fellow queens!

All my love,
Dani, a big tid

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