1: Classic French Tips Enhance your nails with timeless white tips for a chic look.

2: Reverse French Mani Turn heads with a modern twist on the traditional French.

3: Negative Space Nails Show off your natural nails with this trendy minimalist style.

4: Colorful French Tips Add a pop of color to your French manicure for a fun twist.

5: French Ombre Nails Blend two hues for a subtle gradient effect on your nails.

6: Glitter French Manicure Sparkle and shine with a touch of glitter on your tips.

7: Stiletto French Nails Give your French mani an edgy vibe with sharp stiletto nails.

8: Matte French Tips Achieve a sophisticated look with a matte finish on your nails.

9: Geometric French Manicure Experiment with geometric shapes for a unique nail art design.